We promote fun and functional therapy sessions in home, school and community settings.

Therapy sessions can be 1:1, group, class based or with the whole family

Our Therapists always try to make use of local resources allowing therapy targets to be practised in accessible and familiar settings.




SALTTRAIN as the name suggests advocates training in big way. We understand the importance of sharing skills and knowledge, and the impact of empowering families, collegues and clients has on therapy outcomes. 

Training is at the heart of our ethos. We deliever professional workshops for parents, carers and professional colegues in Health and education.


  • Speech & Language - TRAIN
  • Communication - TRAIN
  • Play-TRAIN
  • Food - TRAIN



independent speech & language therapy services


The Team are able to attend meetings and reviews to support families and Multi-Agency professionals.

We believe that supporting our families, carers and professional collegues is just as important as maintaining a Child Centered intervention approach.

SALTTRAIN liases with a number of non-profit organisations and promotes access to local networks and support groups.

We offer a range of assessments for children and adolescents aged 0-19.

  • Initial Assessments
  • SLCN Informal Screeners
  • Detailed Formal Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessments